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Meats & Eats is a one-stop destination for you when you wish to try the burger. Here we are serving you with a good range of burger including the Bacon Cheese Burger, Half Pounder Cheese Burger, and Brunch Burger. Not only this if you wish to try chicken burgers we have a special range of Hot Chick Tower Burger, Salt and Pepper Chicken Burger, and Southern Comfort Burger. This does not come to an end here only as we have a special variety of American hot dogs including the Hot Fire Dog, Curry Bean Dog, Pulled Pork Dog, and so on. If you want to try chicken we have Chicken Pieces and Buffalo Wings. We have special arrangements for lunchtime and kids as well. You can get the dish as you want because we are offering you with customizations as well. Just go through our menu and satisfy your cravings for something good easily. We are here for catering all your needs for food.


About Meats & Eats

We at Meats & Eats serving people with joy, love, aroma, flavours and quality food. People believe that we are a one-stop destination when they want to try some quality food. We help them to get the same dish as they want. Our Chefs have enough experience in preparing the dishes as our customer requirements that they will not be going to miss anything. If you have no idea how you can explore through our menu, then download our restaurant application available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Within no time, you will be able to get an idea about the dishes we have for you. Without wasting any movement, just browse through it and place your order.

Restaurant location Meats & Eats

If you are in confusion about how to reach just then, you need to come at 88 Liverpool Road, Page Moss, Liverpool L36 3RF. GPS support is there in our application that will help you to reach as easily. Also, we are in the centre of the town so reaching us will be quite easier for you. We are offering you will delivery, and pickup facility is so you can avail the services as you want. We have special arrangements for parties if you want to place an order for it you can move ahead with it as well. Be ready to explore through our exciting range of dishes to make your evening memorable.